Worship service reopens on September 20

Service time is changed to 2PM till further notice

Please be there 15-20 mins early for COVID-19 screening, read the guidelines before entering.

Weekly News – Oct 4th

  • Communion Sunday – Joint Worship Service
    • This communion cup is prefilled with juice and a soft wafer.  They are sealed in 2 layers, you peel one layer to get the wafer and the second layer to drink the juice.
    • At HCAC, we welcome all confessing Christians to participate in Communion.  When you arrive at church, please pick up your communion cup at the desk where screening and registration take place.  The communion cups are inside a box.  Each person takes his or her own communion cup only.  Keep the communion cup with you and follow the instructions when the time comes to celebrate Communion together.  Communion will take place after the sermon on this Sunday.
    • For those who are joining the service virtually at home, please prepare a piece of bread and a small cup of juice in advance so that you could also participate in Communion together.
  • Virtual Channel For those who are joining the worship virtually, again, it is on YouTube.  You can subscribe to the channel for easy access in the future.

Prayer Requests

  • Please Pray for the AV team as we need more people joining in the AV team, contact Vico for more information of AV ministry.
  • Caring ministry at this particular time.  
  • Everyone needs reason, peace and faith to deal with the pandemic.


Donation boxes are placed inside the rooms where the Chinese and English services meet.  However, we encourage you to donate by e-transfer or send a check to the church’s P.O. Box.

  1. By e-transfer: You can make e-transfers to “Halifax Chinese Alliance Church” with this email address halifaxcaconlineb@gmail.com. You do not need to set a password, the e-transfer will be automatically accepted and deposited into the church bank account. 
    • However, under the note area, please
      • write your name (unless your email address specifically identify who you are
      • the word “donation” (as it is not a fee or repayment, so we can prove to CRA it is a donation and issue you donation receipt at year end)(c) the breakdown, e.g. $50 General, $50 Thanksgiving, $50 Mission, $50 Building (everything goes to general if there is no breakdown)
    • If there is not enough space to write everything, after you make the e-transfer, send another email to the same address halifaxcaconlineb@gmail.com to tell us how you want to distribute the total donations.
  2. By check Write a check payable to “Halifax Chinese Alliance Church” and send to P.O.Box 22070, RPO Bayers RdHalifax, NS  B3L 4T7
    • Please specify on the check or a piece of paper
      • the name of the donor,
      • it is a donation and
      • what are the breakdowns of the donation. 
    • Again,  if you have been a weekly donor, try to do it monthly instead. Pray for the Board in managing the finance of the church.  Due to the pandemic there are budgeted items we do not need to spend, however there are also many unbudgeted items we have to spend.
Ocean and sand


We encourage people to go on missions when God calls you. Here is a list of missions that you may be interested in!

Clear water at the beach


Our growing path with God. Memories with our brothers and sisters.


(Colossians 1:10 )

“And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God.”


West End United Baptist Church, 1986 Preston St., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada




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