Counting God’s Blessings in 2016 (Pastor Wai-Fung)

As Halifax Chinese Alliance Church entered into 2016, it was with a gloomy outlook. However it was the will of our merciful God that all of us could experience His faithfulness and providence. Let us count His blessings.

God added six new converts into our congregation last year. Three sisters were baptized into the body of Christ (see the picture of baptismal service on Dec 18th). An English Bible study group was launched in order to respond to the needs of our English-speaking brothers and sisters, and it is great to see them with hearts to seek God. A Mandarin Bible study group kept going even though some core members had relocated to other cities. This study group moved to online meetings because two regular attendants are not living in Halifax. In the beginning of the year, we just had one available pianist for our Singspiration Team, but by the end of the year, God provided another three pianists for us. In the past, local university graduates found it very hard to get a job in Halifax, but this year eight graduates got a job during the year and they were able to stay in town and attend the church. Although we expected quite a financial deficit in 2016, it ended up being much less than what we budgeted.

Although HCAC has faced the time of difficulties, His grace is sufficient for us and His power is made perfect in weakness. God is great! Please pray for HCAC to give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the Word of God.

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